Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Weeks Have Elapsed

Excuse my absence for the past two weeks. I should have been writing entries and then updating them at school but I didn’t think it would take so long to get internet. As it stands I still have to wait one more week for internet at home. On September 24th I should receive my modem and will once again reconnect with the world around or after that time. I have come to accept my current situation, however, so internet isn’t the biggest necessity. It will be nice to have it once again so I can upload pictures and write blog updates in my spare time.

A lot has happened in the past two weeks so I will have to update everyone in one fell swoop. I will condense it into one entry starting from the longest ago to the most recent events.

There are some other good snippets of information you might want to know before I head off to resurrect my blog in the form of a massive two week delayed entry.

In the next week I will finally get my car. I say my car because right now I have a loaner car (代車 – daisha) from the mechanic I will get the actual car from. I’m not sure why they gave me this car to use in the mean time because it’s not like I had one before. Oh well, I am not complaining one bit about this situation as I have a little more freedom from now. It will be great when I finally have my own car. Once in my possession all the glorious details, or not, of my car shall come forth like a cornucopia bearing its produce in grand splendor.

Next week I have four days off because of two holidays and two days they give us for working this Saturday and Sunday. I hope to get out and see some new places as I should have my car around that time.

Lastly, do you want to know how to become a superstar amongst the Japanese elementary students? I think there is only one thing you need to do.

Ride a unicycle and instantly become the one of the coolest ALTs in history to grace the confines of the school yard.

Ride a unicycle backwards and you double your coolness factor.

The teachers just might love you for being such a favorite with the kids as well.

You win the hearts of the kids, teachers, and school.

You enjoy your fame.

They won’t forget your name.


Nancy said...

Finally!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed your blogs so much! Thankful you are ALIVE and well. Everyone else may be patient to hear from you but your mom needs to know you are OK! Great news about the car. I haven't looked at your Flickr account so I don't know if you've posted any car pix yet (even a pix of the loaner will do)...and did you buy a unicycle or borrow one?! Details details please. Love you!

travis said...

enjoy your fame

they won't forget your name

that it's blaine

from Champagne

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