Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Too Soon to Speak of My Health

So far so good. Last April I felt sick most of the month probably because of pollen I wasn't used to. I hope that my recent health is a predictor for the rest of the month. I shouldn't be too optimistic but at least I'm aware of the fact.

I'm not that interested in taking pictures of flowers. I will make an exception for April I suppose. Flowers are so vivid and full of color that they make for good photography. I feel everyone will take pictures of flowers given the chance so I tend to ignore them. The blossoms of spring, however, can't really be ignored when such color contrasts exist. On Sunday I gave in.

Roadside Splendor_02

I passed this strip of color many times recently. It has been blooming for a few weeks. Each time I've gone by and have told myself that I will take a picture of it later. Seeing as that often happens with me and I never take a picture then, I forced myself to stop and was quite pleased in the end.

Roadside Splendor_05

Today I went to go look at a famous cherry tree known for its age and blossoms. According to the town webpage it looked like it was right about at peak. The page even said so. But once I got there it was clear that the blossoms weren't fully open yet. Many of the other smaller trees weren't even fully bloomed. It's up on a hillside so the temperature probably has something to do with it. I fully intend to go back maybe Sunday morning and see what the situation is. I rolled down the mountain and stopped at some spots along the way back.

Blossoms and Bike

The bright hazy sun didn't make the best situation for pictures today. Only a few came back worthy.

Ikegawa River Crossing

That's fine. The blossoms are best viewed in person anyway. What a shame if you aren't here!

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I thought you were taking a picture of the scooter. hahaha

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