Friday, May 11, 2012

No Lonely Nature

Today the weather is excellent.  It's so perfect that I can leave the windows open at home all day long and into the night.  I enjoy the feeling of once again being connected to the outside via smells, temperature, and sounds. In winter time the whirring of the heater on the wall lulls me to sleep but it's really no match for croaking frogs, buzzing insects, and flowing water. 

It's also a substantial reminder of how lonely things can feel.  In the depths of a forest there is no contact with another soul.  However, it doesn't feel lonely.  The loneliest moments are sitting at home in front of the computer.  You could easily reach out and communicate at a whim but there is no one who cares or wants to listen.  Perhaps those that are listening aren’t listening either.  In that case you are better off being with the forest, the mountains, and the animals.  They are happy with where and what they are.  In that place I am not lonely.  I don’t need to tell them what I’m happy about because they already know it.  We share the same loves.  

They don’t turn me away.  They don’t have to try to care because they already do.  


Thunder Heart said...

i will listen

AJ and Kim said...

I didn't know you kept a blog. very cool musings. you and I are kindred spirits, separated by much distance. Miss you man

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