Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Stroll

I drive along this river at least twice a week while I'm on my commute to work. Whether it's actually a commute to work is an entirely different subject however. I spend a great deal of the time lost in day dreams and brainstorms. Sometimes I'm so lost in my thoughts while driving that I don't remember how I got to where I was going. I'm glad the brain can be conditioned. Every time I make the drive I feel like I want to just stop the car and sit on the rocky river bank.

IMG_5807_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

In the late evenings on my way home I like when I round the corner and can see the Shikoku ridge rising up far away in the distance. The frosted peaks make me grin for no reason.

IMG_5805_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

Everything is slowly brushing the sleep from its eyes. The water looks more alive. The plants seem to have a new glow. They have almost said farewell to winter.

IMG_5815_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

My drive is always on the opposite side of the river. Here there are different views of an area I so often feel that I've grown accustomed to. Stepping out of the car offers a further glance at what lies behind bamboo groves and scraggly brush taking over every inch it finds on the banks.

 IMG_5832_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

There is a lot of cheer in a simple flower even if it's a weed.

IMG_5836_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

And these have some of the greenest pollen I've ever seen.

IMG_5849_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

That's countryside ingenuity at its best.

IMG_5844_2-24 Niyodo River Stroll

Leave the junk behind. It's not going with you and you've got legs. Spring is saying come and get me.

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