Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Connecting my mind to the lines

How many times have I failed to finish Kanji in Context? What point would it be to finish it?

Regardless of whether it is worthwhile or not, I have been fighting an going battle with this lovely book and its vocabulary for the better part of 7 years perhaps. I start, I stop. I give up and begin anew. It's one of those lasting goals that just never pans out. Life always gets in the way or my laziness.

I miss the spring in Japan. It makes me sad that I can't hop in my Honda Fit and careen through the narrow mountain roads to spots that feel mystical and beautifully forlorn. There are so many places I would go if I could. It's been two years since I left and it gets easier with time but I will forever contemplate my situation if I had stayed this past two years. Wherever that would take me is not where I am now however.

But I have to connect some way. The only way I know how. I'll pick up this book again. I'll drill the vocab. I'll read the sentences. I'll write the compounds. It brings some strange solace and peace. Live through these words I say. I'll find may way back down those mountain roads, along the rice paddies, the fortress of sugi, and the flowing streams.

Only I really care.

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