Friday, January 21, 2011

Revitalize Number Three

Revitalization is necessary at this point. I have to curb the infestation of apathy running its course. A month’s time and all the events have surreptitiously fled without there ever being a chance to coalesce them. Those that do know of life and have had contact with persons in different biomes will know the details without the dissemination from my mouth. At what point has this become words more than text? Don’t ask me to correct the fact that this is writing. It still feels like its talking even though everything streams consciously from the mind.

I do believe that things should return to their proper order rather soon. The cold weather can’t get much worse and before we know it, the sun will spend more time playing outside trying to make the most of its time. When you have a death clock running at somewhere around 100 million years you definitely want to make the most of those opportunities you have to live. Ever wonder how so much gas could build up to fuel a star for that long of a period? It puts my mind on tilt like worthless pinball machines, which by the way are dying in complete silence with few who care. I never enjoyed pinball that much anyway. I would have loved to play with all the electronic machines within the box. That seems to be more interesting. All stars eventually die. Not in my backyard though.

My keyboard is filthy. Where I rest my palms the plastic has discolored from the oil in the skin. The keys grow all the more grimy. Platelets of skin shedding off my hands and head leave a cakey layer. Underneath lies a bed of hair and food crumbs. Templeton should have already come.

Today I live in strange states. Not like North Dakota and Idaho. Do those states even exist? Travis would swear Idaho is pure imagination and the potatoes are coming from the high terraced fields in the Andes Mountains. North Dakota is somewhere up north but hardly anyone has taken the time to care. My strange states don’t exist anywhere I’m afraid. Somewhere between physical and psychological plains.

I'm jumping off a cliff to the rocks below.

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