Sunday, February 27, 2011

Return to Inamura

The trip was cut rather short. The snow had kept me from even driving to this mountain for several months. It had been warm enough this week, I thought, for the road to be passable. It was fine but if another car had been coming down the road there wouldn't have been any space to pull off to the side. The snow was piled rather high from whenever it was plowed. I made it to the parking spot and trudged up the path with the full intention of capturing some shots of the sun setting. Things took an unexpected turn when the trail was still packed high with snow. Now the only parts of the trail covered in snow are the ones that don't have sun exposure. Well this happens to be a lot and I decided to go on through with my tennis shoes and jeans. There were foot steps from previous hikers and I tried to follow these as best as possible without getting wet.

Tunnel Ice

I eventually gave up trying to stay dry and rescinded to the fact I would be wet either way. After some fairly difficult marching through semi hard snow that was about a foot deep I got to the trail junction which goes to the top or down to a dam. It was here that for some reason nobody had gone up to the top in the snow. No more steps to rely on and the snow up here was slushy. Even with the promise of a decent sunset I couldn't be lured to get wet any longer. I turned back and called it a day. Remind me to not hike mountains without boots from now on. Courtesy image from the tunnel just before the parking lot. That is all that was decent from a rather cloudy and hazy day.

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