Monday, February 28, 2011

Grave Afternoon

That must be taboo to make such a terrible pun about the dead. At any rate it was entirely true. While the afternoon was not grave in a somber way, it was full of these graves. I'm left wondering about the bigger monument off to the right. It has a door to the back of it. Is it a mausoleum. I have seen these around these parts but haven't ever asked what exactly there are. This is quite curious little spot too. When I walked up a short flight of stairs and entered the grounds it reminded me of what it felt like to play Ocarina of Time. There is definitely some uniquely Japanese elements to those games. No surprise that they were made by Japanese people after all.

Grave Afternoon

Stay tuned. I'll keep the daily pictures coming. I have a couple that should turn up in the following days.

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