Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Week of October Coming Right Up

This weekend amounted to doing nothing creative. Usually I would motivate myself to make and bake but I had other things to do. Mainly finishing a game so I could see the real story. It was more like a labor of love to finish it and now I can just forget it. It hangs over my head that I never beat Twilight Princess. Someday I'll come back to that. Had dinner with an older couple who live near my house. I think the best part was talking about Clint Eastwood. No, the best part was when the husband brought out two giant pictures of Eastwood. We couldn't stop saying how 'kakoii' (cool) he was. If you hate on Clint Eastwood you probably are a terrible person.

Today I watched two football games. Oh how I love the wonders of streaming tv. People set up live streams of different programming on the internet, which is technically illegal, but makes it possible for me to enjoy some great college football. I didn't watch any football last fall and I missed it. While I'm not much of fan by any standard there is something intangibly enjoyable about watching a football game. Not to mention watching during the fall season. I just need some deciduous leaves to crunch around in. The Michigan State game was quite the match. I enjoyed some large pieces of french toast while I watched that.. I guess I did make something after all. I think I cleaned and made dinner somewhere in the rest of the day but it's all beyond me now.

It was much easier to post a video than put up pictures the other day but I'm back to add to the entire experience.

I almost went down a precarious slope but thought of the better of it. I was rewarded by coming to the base of this.

IMG_8425 processed

I came upon this curious little fall. The boulders are what caught my eye more than anything. Makes want to see how they got there. Did they fall from above or was it during a massive flood?


A short way down from that boulder spot I stumbled upon this little vista to the pool below. I want to come spend an afternoon here in the summer time. Let it be done.


The water shooting out underneath comes from this multiple step fall.

IMG_8476 processed

You have the perfect water hole hideout. Complete with sun lounging rocks, churning water, and probably jumps.

IMG_8481 processed

This was an exception. Lately if I find myself raising the camera to shoot flowers I reprimand myself something terrible. Flowers are good and all but I need to focus on other things.

IMG_8472 processed

There was a shallow pool of water filled with these salamanders. One was eating a moth but I couldn't get a shot quick enough.


I could have sat here and stared at the water falling. I could probably take a nap too. I imagined bringing a blanket and laying down by the falls in the sunshine. Me and my smile.

IMG_8458 processed

Finding my way back could take awhile...

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