Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesdays Out Walking

Beautiful weather Wednesday afternoon. When the sun shines, there is time, I have to go for a drive. Not just any drive but I always have a location in mind. Taking a random drive might be okay for some individuals. I don't find that particularly interesting most of the time. I usually end up feeling like I should have researched a bit more before I headed out to find nothing. You can't necessarily find anything, though, unless you go look.

I went back to where I was last week with intentions of exploring the upper reaches of the valley. There was a dam that I had come to last Wednesday and I wanted to start from there. Unfortunately I was never able to see it as I was walking up the forest road. I ended up walking and walking for what seemed like far too long. I walked so far that I came to the waterfall I had been to several weeks ago for the very first time. This was well beyond the dam and the intended zone for exploration. Having gone too far I decided to take a look at the view from the top of the big waterfall nearby. There wasn't a clean view down to the bottom so I moved on rather quickly to get toward the bottom area of that fall.

At this point it's some luck and what looks good to get down the steep valley sides. If you go down you might not be able to proceed along the stream if there are giant rocks or ledges in the way. This might force you back up and around which is tiring and waste of time. I got pretty lucky because the location I chose to descend happened to be at the bottom of another fall but also allowed me to generally rock hop down the stream. It actually ended up being much better than I thought. I had intended to work my way up the stream, as that is usually easier, but descending was easier for a change. I was rather happy to find some nice rocky crags and other small water falls along the way. The best find of the afternoon was a rather large water hole. I'm going to come here next summer. I'm sure nobody knows of this place or would come here to swim. Not sure who I will share this with but I will keep it closely guarded as mine.

Enjoy some of the footage of the water. I love places like this so much. Be sure to watch in at least 720p (click where it says 360p at the bottom right of the video to change). I won't be happy if you don't.


Mom said...

Beautiful footage. Very peaceful. God's creation is dazzling. But more than that, the music made me miss you so much. It took me back to the old days of u and me at our computers in my office in our house on park haven. you'd always have some sort of music playing. I didn't realize until now how much i miss hearing all your genres of music....... admittedly some weren't my style! haha! it makes me want to time travel backwards to the good old days.

blaine said...

Loved this comment. Glad you have open ears ;D

I miss certain days too...

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