Monday, January 9, 2012


The final semester of the school year starts tomorrow. There is sure to be a riveting opening ceremony. Yeah, not likely. We will get to sing the school song which I'm always too far away from the words to follow along properly. I should go copy it down for future reference. The last time I was singing the English teacher was startled. Not sure if it was my angelic voice or the fact I was reading the Japanese. Probably both.

Before all the antics of the last term get into full swing I had a three day weekend to emotionally prepare myself. Saturday I acquired some hinges and clamps for my future silk screen. I did a test setup with an old wooden frame. Just like I envisioned! Great. I hope I don't split the screen when I attach the hinges.


I didn't find everything I wanted so I went home and got on Amazon. The deliver driver by now is getting to know me really well. I ordered some transparencies and a 500 watt halogen lamp and they arrived today. On the 14th my other screen printing materials will be shipped so I'm eagerly waiting for that.

Christy sent me a lovely bag of goodies that contained jello packets so I made a delightful fruit salad with oranges, kiwi, banana, and grapes. I ate this whole thing in one sitting because I knew if I put it away I would eat it sooner than later.

Jello Fruit Salad

Perhaps you have seen my latest bread creation. I made ciabatta Saturday night but I failed. You wouldn't know that from looking at the picture. The picture looks down right beautiful. I didn't even think my oven was capable.


So how did I fail? This was a dense loaf. It didn't have hardly any holes that ciabatta is known for. I pretty much expected that from the onset of making it. I just thought I might get lucky somehow. This is my first bread failure so far. Well, I can't live knowing I didn't make it correctly so I have some new mixture in the refrigerator for tomorrow or the following day. I'm going to make it right if I have to eat 10 loaves of this. On a side note the bread was still good. I loved looking at it. I just want those holes! Next time I hope I can proclaim, "holey smokes that was good."

I also watched a movie with some friends, gave my floors an abrasive scrubbing, and hammered kanji into my lobes. I also busted out the kerosene heater that has been lurking in my closet. I thought it was broken this whole time. The lighter on it needs replacing but I'm not sure why I didn't check it before. I used a match to get it lit and I have been enjoying the soothing warmth all evening. A welcomed change from the a/c unit that blows heat out. I think I'll try this out for a month and see what my costs for using kerosene are.

Get your head down!

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