Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunny Afternoon, Check

A clock in the middle of nowhere is one of the most comforting feelings.

IMG_9208 1-6-2012

I wanted to check out a little mountain park area this afternoon while I had some time off and the sun was out. Unfortunately there was more snow on the road than expected. My tires have hardly any tread, I mean for snow conditions. I decided it was safer to turn back and drive elsewhere. This time of year isn't that great for exploring in the mountain areas. There are too many sketchy roads that are either wet or unpaved. I'm glad to have a brain. So I drove some safer roads and came across some new things.

IMG_9210 1-6-2012

Some quite curious pieces of wood and moss. I've never seen things like this before. There was a whole garden of them hanging out. Kind of intriguing.

IMG_9215 1-6-2012

This used to be the old tunnel access into the northern part of this area. It wasn't until about 15 or 20 years ago that a much newer and larger tunnel was opened. Most of the places around here have remained much more isolated than one might imagine. You can still feel that well regardless of the newer infrastructure.

IMG_9223 1-6-2012

I didn't even know they dad delinquents up in the mountains. And it's terrible what they wrote, bad boys and kill. So chilling. That must have taken a lot of courage to graffiti on that tunnel wall. I commend whoever it was.


Back down the mountain and up a road nobody uses lies this little shack.

The Shack

There is an interesting garbage dump next door full of metal and old objects. I've been here once before. What was most surprising was the man out front today. I was a bit startled when I came around the corner. Hey, that's just mannequin. I would like to go inside but suspicious locales such as this are questionable. Take another closer look at that mannequin.

Oh My...

Red lipstick and malignant skin lesions on the neck. Just what kind of dreadful place is it? Scary.

IMG_9266 1-6-2012

How many more years till the sun burns off all that hydrogen? I'm glad I won't live to see an ice age. But wait a second....

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