Thursday, November 29, 2012

Falling Into Happy Melancholy

Strolling over fallen leaves. The fall is at once so happy and then so melancholy. The undulating tone of life.

IMG_4763_11-23 Yasui Valley

None of this is so bad. Right? Right? I'm not sure who will answer back on that one.

IMG_4774_11-23 Yasui Valley

I sure end up in valleys quite often. Escaping the valleys carved in my mind by going to valleys. They continue to be barraged with earthly debris. The process hasn't ceased. My own valleys carry on the same.

IMG_4789_11-23 Yasui Valley

How can anyone be happy with fall colors? This never occurred to me before. You just don't notice them and fix the problem.

IMG_4799_11-23 Yasui Valley

What a shame I only get to see the curling refuse of maple leaves. Which is better, green or brown?

IMG_4809_11-23 Yasui Valley

That poor tree in his quest for life grew himself into an inevitable corner of death. The longer he grows, the heavier he becomes. It all seemed worth the expense of photosynthesis. We all end up at a point where we can only heavily reflect and then fall.

IMG_4810_11-23 Yasui Valley

Nobody is tending this roof. Do I prefer it that way?

IMG_4804_11-23 Yasui Valley

There are always plenty of dark paths to wander into. Never forget it's half the fun just to light them up though. You don't have to settle in the dark and remember you might be happier to not be a bat. Then again does flying trump the ability of sight?

IMG_4813_11-23 Yasui Valley

At least this bridge will never be one of the top three let downs in Japan. For that I'm feeling a bit happier.

IMG_4824_11-23 Yasui Valley

Think typical autumn colors and you have hit success on this clever line.

IMG_4829_11-23 Yasui Valley

We can't enjoy the crab soba if we keep being too melancholy.

IMG_4825_11-23 Yasui Valley

Then we remember how the crabs were smashed and boiled to extract the brown meat floating on top.

IMG_4831_11-23 Yasui Valley

Are ya melancholy again? I'm not. My stomach is full.

IMG_4787_11-23 Yasui Valley

At once so happy and again so melancholy. Don't let the plants force you to believe it though.

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hey bean, i'd like this last pix for my LR wall please!! miss you lots these days. have a good week! love you!

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