Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prime But Not Always Exact

There are many places we have been before.

IMG_4502_11-7 Setogawa Valley

There are many places that a million others have taken the same picture in.

IMG_4513_11-7 Setogawa Valley

There are many similar places we have looked at from far away.

IMG_4539_11-7 Setogawa Valley

Sometimes we can't decide what we are really looking at.

IMG_4548_11-7 Setogawa Valley

Then we recompose and see it a little different.

IMG_4549_11-7 Setogawa Valley

That was better.

IMG_4573_11-7 Setogawa Valley

I'll be back home as if I was never here.

IMG_4583_11-7 Setogawa Valley

It's hard to keep things aligned when they all reverberate inside of you.

IMG_4596_11-7 Setogawa Valley

There it is again.

IMG_4588_11-7 Setogawa Valley

Then it escapes you once more.

IMG_4614_11-7 Setogawa Valley

Get me a roller for this hot asphalt dumping between my thoughts.

IMG_4635_11-7 Setogawa Valley

It smooths out paths to somewhere, sometimes familiar.

IMG_4643_11-7 Setogawa Valley

But haven't I crossed this bridge once, twice, maybe three times already?

IMG_4654_11-7 Setogawa Valley

Yes but I'm going places I've never been before.


Matt said...

Hi Blaine,
You have obviously moved out of (indoor)relegation ;-)
Good to see you've been enjoying the autumn colours.
Cool words and great pics!

AJ and Kim said...

your posts (and pictures) are like poetry

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