Sunday, June 9, 2013

Round the Noto

The coastline northwest of Kanazawa is nice. I felt like I was driving somewhere in Michigan. I guess this happened several times throughout my trip. The sandy beaches and pines give me good memories. The rest of my larger family is more attached to Pentwater, our past annual vacation spot, than I am. Everyone remembers and loves different things. I like many things about those times. But it has never been hard to let go.

IMG_7677_2013 Nagano Trip

I had pictured the Noto Peninsula having more mountains. It wasn't exactly lacking them though. They were more gradual and sloping than anything. This little spot was nearby the main road on the western side of the peninsula.

IMG_7687_2013 Nagano Trip

I took the most pictures I would all day around this area. I think I was more set on driving than photographing that day. I kind of regret not shooting more pictures of the coast. I'll reflect on that in a moment.

IMG_7692_2013 Nagano Trip

I saw so many tourist boats during my trip. I almost thought about riding on one each time. Why did I refuse? I figured my feet would take me where I needed to go. Terrible excuse. Someday I'll ride a boat to see whales in Alaska. Rocks are in wide abundance from many vantage points not involving boats. Okay, so that's another silly generalization.

IMG_7693_2013 Nagano Trip

The rocky shores felt volcanic here.

IMG_7697_2013 Nagano Trip

I loved the algae and little pots of trapped water among the rocks.

IMG_7699_2013 Nagano Trip

Not sure the purpose of these...

IMG_7704_2013 Nagano Trip

IMG_7700_2013 Nagano Trip

A little bit farther up the shoreline was the following rock formation. I can appreciate it.

IMG_7717_2013 Nagano Trip

After this I just kept driving and driving. I almost stopped in a few towns but I wouldn't let myself stop except for some dried tomatoes. I was starving and the evening was approaching which meant any source of food would soon close up. I had to keep my eyes open. In the meantime I enjoyed finding these seawalls along the coast.

IMG_7723_2013 Nagano Trip

The one thing I had wanted to photograph were the roofs of all the houses. They are lacquered black to help the snow slide off during winter. I don't know why I have don't have a single picture. Well I do know. I couldn't find any houses I felt looked good or worthy for a roof shot. What a waste. Then again roofs are roofs. Eventually the road ascended a steep line and I found a small cafe.

IMG_7727_2013 Nagano Trip

I wasn't sure if they were closing up soon and asked if they were serving dinner still. Thankfully they said yes and I ordered the sashimi set meal. When the old lady brought it out she proclaimed, "today is ikemen sabisu." Or in other words, cool guy service! She gave me a great spread of food. I'm not sure if I believed her or not. She might have just wanted to use up the remaining fish and side dishes. I'll just imagine I'm handsome and cool. Before I left the lady told me not to forget that Suzu-shi is suzushi. What an awful joke in the best of ways!

IMG_7728_2013 Nagano Trip

This shot is at the very northern end of the Noto looking kind of northwest. I wanted to find a hot spring to take a bath as I had left my deodorant at home and the warm car and driving gave me a lovely aroma. I managed to purchase some roll on stuff that kept that smell at bay but I still needed the bath.

IMG_7731_2013 Nagano Trip

Then there was this tourist trap on the eastern side of the peninsula. It was the last one to snare me that day as I headed south to a hot spring town. When I arrived I found it was essentially large hotels and they were packed with people. I didn't even know which to choose. Feeling dirty and tired I steered the car south toward Toyama. I found a parking spot near the shore and laid out in the back of the car. The rain hitting the metal car roof wasn't the best lullaby for sleeping. It was painful. Rain wasn't quite what I was hoping for the following day in Gokayama but sometimes rain is a blessing more than you know.


Sara Getz said...

Blaine, you may or may not remember me. I'm Greg Getz's wife, & he forwarded me your blog so I could see the pictures. Yes, the pictures are astounding - but you are a stellar writer! I was "caught" in the beginning, and read through 4 or 5 posts. Thanks for sharing! Sara Getz

blaine said...

Of course I remember you. Thanks for dropping by. I like to have comments! I don't get them often.

I'm happy you like the pictures. I actually don't like what I'm writing recently and could do better.

If you want to browse through just pictures you can cheat and look here:

You can endlessly scroll through all my pictures.

Come around again soon!

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