Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ma On Shan - November 24, 2014

I had to leave Macau on November 19th but that whole ordeal is a story in itself which I will tell later. So with no immediate plan I took advantage of my time in Hong Kong to do some hiking.


Ma On Shan Country Park is in northeast Hong Kong. People continually forget Hong Kong has lots of beautiful nature and hiking trails. The city overshadows most of that unfortunately but if you get out, you will be highly rewarded.



You can take a bus/taxi up to the trail head but being the 節約 man I am, I walked. It was more like a hike in itself than a walk though. I'm not too interested in writing a detailed report of the trail but more interested in sharing the sights along the way.


That is the peak of Ma On in the distance after coming up what are known as the hunchbacks (I almost died from being out of shape and the heat even though it was November). They are lumpy peaks that slowly rise and fall for a decent stretch. You can see this later.



Those are the hunchbacks.



A friendly hiker hooked me up with a candid photo looking east toward Sai Kung. I ended up walking most of the way down to the city and catching a bus back to Kowloon.






If you look closely you can see a few hikers in the middle of the trail. It's always so great to come off a peak and look back at what you accomplished. I also feel for the poor suckers dying on their way up.




After I winded my way down, I did what any person in Hong Kong would. I ate Subway along the harbor and watched fish mongers sell their product. Nah, that doesn't really sound typical at all. I was just in the mood for Subway. What can I say? This hike lifted my spirits a bit after leaving Macau but I wished that I had shared it with Christy.

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