Thursday, October 7, 2010


Up through roads wound like a spring
Nothing more than wind and trees sing
When does the path unwind?
Who have I followed behind?

Power Line Point

Signs in primitive script
One man finishes his trip
Where do my feet go from here?
The thought leers in my ear

Left and Right, Which is Right?

On shale broken thin
Roots just out like pins
What length till the next bend?
How many stops before the end?

Metal goliaths guard the ridges
They only exist as man's bridges
Unnatural in this place
The gentle slopes defaced


Three way junctions up this high
Why did anyone bother to climb?
The man made lake is pooling there
No one seems to care

Inamura Junction

Through a pine laden grove
Where knotted roots also rove
The shale slips past my feet
Too far to retreat

Slice the Hills

Up the last wind
I've straightened this line
My mind is no more besieged
For the summit I have reached

5 Feet Higher

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