Friday, October 15, 2010


So an early morning post to compliment my thoughts from last night. Be sure to read yesterday about my hiking trip and look at the pictures if you haven't.

Ayako Imoto is a Japanese TV personality or talent as they also say over here. I like how Jayson Young the JET in the next town over described Japanese TV as being a soupy shallow mess or something like that. It is so true. Japanese television shows usually consist of large groups of people sitting in a studio watching other smaller groups or individuals do ridiculous tasks, eat food, or travel places. Ayako gets her notoriety more from her dashing good looks than anything else. Have a look below.

She is hideous with her painted on eyebrows (thank goodness they aren't real) and nasty messed up teeth. To compliment her appearance she wears a young girl's school uniform. I was suckered into watching some of her programming recently as it is interesting albeit in a stupid way most of the time. It isn't uncommon to see such people on Japanese television though. One of her more recent antics was paddling a wash tub from an island off the Japanese coast to the mainland. I watched but spent most of the time thinking how much it cost just to provide that masseur and not to mention the entire support crew on a nearby boat.

Japanese TV is interesting but it's more interesting the careers people make for themselves out of weird characters. On a slightly related note, there was a show trying to figure out what meat was used most often when people make curry. Yeah... an entire segment devoted to the option of beef or pork curry. Oh Japan you are an odd place.

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