Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh It's Halloween

But do I care? No. It rained all day and the weather was abysmal. Good thing that I spent the day hanging out in a limestone cave with Eriko. Eriko came to Kochi for a business trip on Monday so she had time to hang out today. We planned to meet up at 2pm so I had to navigate to the hotel.

Before that, however, I had an interesting set of adventures driving into Kochi City. I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous the central road through Kochi is. There is and old train/trolley system in the middle and then there are two or three lanes on either side of this. Sometimes they shrink down to one or one and half lanes. It is nonsense. It didn't help that it was raining and I haven't driven in the city by myself yet. Basically every thing I did I was afraid that I was breaking a traffic law. I'm sure that I broke some laws today. I notice that Japanese drivers are always doing ludicrous things though. I wonder if people get tickets for things much else than speeding. I was going to stop at the Aeon mall to look for some things for my house but by the time I had reached the middle of the city I just had to pull into a parking lot and sit for awhile. My mind felt stressed out and I couldn't go any farther. I made sure that I knew how to get to the hotel. I went into a shopping center that was next to the parking lot. I realized that I have been really out of touch with civilization because the store kind of overwhelmed me. I forgot what a Japanese shopping center was like.

I settled down and managed to find Eriko at her hotel like we planned. It was hard to speak Japanese and drive my car through the city. It wasn't until we arrived at the cave did I feel relaxed enough to think straight. I probably sounded like a maniac today because I was. I felt like someone dumped speed straight into my brain cavity. The cave was splendid. The temperature felt nice and the 1km walking path went past some nice rock formations. I'll put these pictures up later as I continue to get more back logged. The pictures are hit or miss because of it being dark. It's really time I invest in a proper tripod that I will take everywhere.

I'll finish the rest of this day later. But I have a task for you. Is this chicken alive or dead?

What a cock

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