Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drear but Cheer

Rain is something that has been a rarity in these parts since November. Today there was plenty of it. I'm waiting for the rainy season to come and then the river will be gushing once again. I live just far enough away that I can faintly hear the river if I have my windows open. Yet, in rainy season I can hear it extremely well. The roar over the concrete barrier by the bridge is not as unpleasant as one might imagine. I look forward to the hot humid and sweaty days of summer with some strange satisfaction. I can smell it in the air. The smell of life in Japan has it's own unique scent. You have to be here to really understand that.

I taught students simple English commands today such as turn left/right, go (____) steps, and stop. We then played a landmine game where they had to guide a blindfolded classmate across the minefield to safety on the other side. The kids were quite fond of the game despite how little English they probably used or learned. At least they were making the effort to? I don't remember being so touchy with other students in elementary school. Well I wasn't, that's why. These kids are ridiculous. They just can't stop touching other classmates. No wonder the middle school students appear as though they are... oh just fill in the blanks yourself.

Blurry and slightly out of focus picture of some flower buds down from my house. The cloudy weather didn't help with getting a good picture so this will do for now. Keep at it.

Dreary Pinks

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