Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Return to the Sugi Fortress

It bothers me that someone or some people took the time to make terraces up a large swatch of the mountain side. I just realized, however, the purpose of this somewhat odd creation. It was established as a large set of retaining walls for trees that would act to protect the homes down below in the even of heavy rain or other natural disasters. That is at least what I think. I'm pretty sure that when the next major earthquake happens the homes will slide right off the mountain sides. It worries me even more with the homes and things that are built over rivers on steel and concrete platforms. I doubt those were built to be earthquake safe. Bye bye buildings.

The Mat Grass Path

These grassy areas are peaceful. But you almost feel the long forgotten foot steps by those that once lived here. The warm sun and wind pressing gently on the stalks makes a rustling sound. In the background you can see a waterfall but there is no telling how the path might get there.

Speckled Leaf Pettles

A stop by some rocks.

Enter Sugi Fortress

Up into the prison blocks.

Moss Worms

Reaching into the sun for a little more on the warm day. I tread into shadows.

Out In Niyodo_8531

The shadows aren't cold this time. I'll see you again soon sun.


Why your staunch disapproval?

Fortress 水道

Were you wishing I left the fallen ones rest in peace?

Tear of Sap

I shouldn't give in to your sappy tears but a sappy joke is too hard to refuse.

Out In Niyodo_8536

"Oh you found us," it said.

One Easy Slip to Ruin My Day

But it wasn't all of them so through the thicket I climbed to find.

Tariyama Fall

"Now you really did it. Come back anytime you feel inclined."

The Usual Place

Oh the pleasure is all mine.


Thunder Heart said...

Enjoyed the blog this morning.

Mom said...

Feel like I am right there with you. Gorgeous views, thoughtful prose. Miss you much!

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