Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Day at Nakaoi

How I wanted to sleep in but the weather pulled me up bright and early. I did some quick research for potential exploration on the internet, shoved some toast in my mouth, and headed out the door.

Nakaoi is about a 20 minute drive from my house. Back in the bubble economy era it was a built up tourist location. It had an adventure land, bath house, fishing pools, and numerous other buildings for accommodation and the likes. It is a pretty little valley with a few rivers running through it. These days its nothing more than a retirement home and a bunch of decaying old buildings.

Farther up the valley, away from these forgotten relics, lies a couple of waterfalls. It was about a year ago that I first went here. I had seen a fall from the road last time and wanted to see if it was any good. I dropped down from the road, precariously crossed stones in a stream, and walked up some boulders to the base of the fall. It wasn't nearly as good as it had looked from the road. I didn't even really take a picture of the fall I went to. I did find this other one though before it.

IMG_9808_Nakaoi Exploration

No complaining I say.

IMG_9818_Nakaoi Exploration

I loved how the water was draining out from the bright green grass.

I drove back down the valley to the tourist area and was going to explore some more of the valley on foot. However, some paths and a few other buildings caught my eye. Especially a couple that were down a secluded path and nobody could see. Do you get the idea where this is headed?

IMG_9849_Nakaoi Exploration

Well surely you do.

IMG_9845_Nakaoi Exploration

An abandoned building is like a tempting piece of delicious fruit.

IMG_9841_Nakaoi Exploration

What era do you discern?

IMG_9836_Nakaoi Exploration

It all feels a bit sad when you think about it. I'm sure there were many happy times in these empty spaces.

IMG_9838_Nakaoi Exploration

So that wasn't a bear after all.

IMG_9831_Nakaoi Exploration

I wish I had a floor like that in my bathroom.

IMG_9833_Nakaoi Exploration

Dirty sinks galore. But not everything was as mundane as it seemed. I headed down a long corridor in the lower part of the building. Bits of glass and wood cracking under my shoes. Rooms gutted and decaying. I was alone but my sense was much more heightened because I was in a place I technically shouldn't have been. I got to the end of long hallway and my adrenaline surged for a moment.

IMG_9825_Nakaoi Exploration

A door began to rattle and shake at the opposite end of the hall. Was someone coming? I hadn't heard anyone above me. Why was a door rattling as if someone was walking around... Oh foolish me. It was just a fierce gust of wind shaking a door like some ghost. At least I hope it was the wind...

IMG_9855_Nakaoi Exploration

These rooms were down a dark hallway coated in mold and peeling wood paneling. There is no telling what once was here or still here.

IMG_9857_Nakaoi Exploration

And even in the stale air and silence it felt like someone was there...

IMG_9862_Nakaoi Exploration

It's probably best if the shadows don't tell their secrets.

There was another building filled with junk. My next goal is to browse that more closely. I could use a painting for my spare room you know.

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Mom said...

Beaners!!! I knew you were going to go exploring inside an abandoned building only I thought you'd be exploring here in CO. On our drive last Saturday, Dad and I passed the abandoned "South Platte Hotel" (the Psycho-type hotel you may have seen in one of Dad's pix last year) and a few other forlorn buildings. I said to Dad, "Those are the places I expect Beaners will explore." Little did I know that I prophetically announced what you were going to do today. No wonder I'm prompted to pray for your safety every day! That place is spooky. May you be protected from all the unseen spirits who live(d) there. Please take a friend next time. I'll feel better if you do. love ya!

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