Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Tad Too Fast on the Plum Blossoms

I broke new ground today. That felt good. Without a cloud in sight there was no choice but to hit the road. Barring a bad case of sugi and hinoki fever I intend to fully enjoy spring. I find every season in Japan stimulating to my senses. Winter numbs it so I guess that doesn't count.

IMG_5972_3-6 Heike Waterfall

There weren't too many cars to dodge today. No need to get impatient. They didn't expect me just as much as I didn't expect them. Well at the end of the afternoon there were a ton of cars coming at me. I guess it wasn't as rural as it seemed perhaps.


The plum blossoms are nearing their peak right about now. They sneak up and I don't take advantage soon enough before the cherry trees take over. There are plenty of others to take missed opportunities. I'm sure the spring flowering is one big exception to my no flower picture rule. It's mostly a rule.

IMG_5975_3-6 Heike Waterfall

I felt kind of sick as I was coming down from the mountain ridge into this area. There were so many turns and the pollen swirling in the sun beams felt dizzying. It hurts my head just thinking about it now. I also think how I met a random guy in the forest a few months ago. He claimed he was used to the pollen because he grew up around it all his life. Well I'm probably resistant to poison ivy but not because I grew up around it. Whatever makes you feel better, right?

IMG_5993_3-6 Heike Waterfall

A plum orchard sat on the bank of the river opposite the road I was on. I drove by three times or so to see if there was a foot bridge across the stream. Things weren't looking good. But the river rocks were big enough to guide me across. The plum trees weren't at their peak though. It was bit of a useless endeavor. I enjoyed trying to get across the river more than the trees. I almost had a branch whack me into the river as well. I can vividly recall many a close call. My camera lens would have never made it up to me.

IMG_6050_3-6 Heike Waterfall

Favorite thing number 34 about Shikoku are waterfalls. I might have said that before or several times or a lot. It doesn't matter though. From school to waterfall in the same day always spells success.

IMG_6044_3-6 Heike Waterfall

Speaking of poison ivy, I can't remember the last time I had it. Not that this is a picture of poison ivy or anything. I suppose if I'm not affected by it that consuming it wouldn't be a problem either. That's still a fear of mine just like drinking a bee on accident out an open pop can. It could sting your throat and cut off your air supply. Scary stuff. I'm not that scared but it never hurts to be conscious of everything around you.

IMG_6052_3-6 Heike Waterfall

Still such a shame the trees weren't more generous with me today.

IMG_6041_3-6 Heike Waterfall

The waterfall gods weren't going to let me down. They rarely do.

IMG_6038_3-6 Heike Waterfall


Maybe I should put a waterfall ban on myself just like the flower one. I find it so hard because water is so easy to take a nice picture of. I think back to webshots that my sister used to use for desktop backgrounds. There was a beautiful image of water falling over mossy rocks. I always remember that. It is where my preference for shooting water this way came from.

IMG_6024_3-6 Heike Waterfall

There is Heike fall in it's full glory.

IMG_6010_3-6 Heike Waterfall

That's also where it ends.

IMG_6060_3-6 Heike Waterfall

It's as profound as you make it.

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