Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't Call It A Day

I watched it rain all day from my desk. Then at about 4PM it stopped. The moisture rich air and fog coiled itself around the valley and hillsides. It always reminds me of the first day I arrived here. The plane touched down through dark clouds and it was raining heavily shortly after that. As we got closer to my new home, the mountains rose up and the clouds thickly swirled around, rising and falling. I was mesmerized. I had seen clouds like this on journeys between Osaka and Nagoya but not to the same extent. Instead of trudging home to sit at my computer after having spent the entire day sitting at the computer at school, I jumped in the car and sped towards the setting sun, thick clouds, and fog.

IMG_6264_3-18 Evening Drive to Ikegawa

The humidity was so high that when I first tried to take pictures my camera wouldn't stop fogging up. I hate the humidity. I fear my camera will get ruined somehow or the inside element of the lens will get mold on it. I try to be very careful of damp conditions. Today was surprising despite the nature of the weather.

IMG_6247_3-18 Evening Drive to Ikegawa

That boy on the bike startled me. He called out sheepishly, "Blaine-sensei?" I said, "Yes." There wasn't even a hello or how are you in the conversation. That was it. My mind was consumed with those clouds.
 IMG_6271_3-18 Evening Drive to Ikegawa

I kept going just in case something good presented itself. I find it's best to take the risk no matter what. The reward is high and the losses even greater. I like to gamble on the weather rather than with real money. Well, I guess it's time and fuel.

IMG_6280_3-18 Evening Drive to Ikegawa

There, that is what I was looking for. But the light was quickly vanishing behind the billowing wall of clouds. It was time to retrace my steps back home.

IMG_6294_3-18 Evening Drive to Ikegawa

I had time to steal one more thing.

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Mom said...

Oh my! Extraordinary and unique. It must have been amazing to be in the moment. Some of your best by far! BTW, can someone snatch these up and use them? I'd copyright them if possible. Just a thought.... Love you! :)

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