Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Blessings and Curses of Spring

The other weekend was prime for the plum blossoms. They arrive much sooner than the cherry blossoms but there are some out at the same time. I went to a local plum orchard with some friends to take in the flowering of spring.

IMG_6065_3-9 Ume Festival

It was probably the warmest day it had been so far this season. The mountains were shrouded in a lovely curtain of white. I think that is one of the scarier parts of spring. All that pollen is wafting off the trees and inundating the air.

IMG_6062_3-9 Ume Festival

I'll share this moment with you too.

IMG_6075_3-9 Ume Festival

The plum orchards have paths running around and through them. There are large boulders that fell into the valley long ago. It makes for an interesting setting.

IMG_6068_3-9 Ume Festival

IMG_6116_3-9 Ume Festival

IMG_6114_3-9 Ume Festival

My head started to hurt earlier in the day. I would have gladly put out a blanket and lied under the trees sipping cold water. Alas, the pollen would hit me like a truck come the evening.

IMG_6127_3-9 Ume Festival

Cherry blossom viewing seems to be more popular for some reason.

 IMG_6118_3-9 Ume Festival

There were lots of people out but not enough for it to feel crowded.

IMG_6144_3-9 Ume Festival

It's just too easy to photograph flowers and waterfalls I tell you. I feel like I'm cheating at this.

IMG_6155_3-9 Ume Festival

IMG_6179_3-9 Ume Festival

It's a sea of plum flowers keeping us away.

IMG_6190_3-9 Ume Festival

I really wanted to lie down and fall asleep under the trees. It's like a fantasy land.

IMG_6200_3-9 Ume Festival

By the time you meander through the orchard you have grown a bit tired of the flowering trees though.

IMG_6208_3-9 Ume Festival

I guess it's good they only come once a year.

IMG_6195_3-9 Ume Festival

But the hyotan and shidare are calling my name very soon... I have no choice but to go.

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