Friday, July 26, 2013


In the middle of June I finally made it to southern cape of Kochi. The cloudy skies and threat of rain put a damper on the day. I wasn't driving, though, so I could enjoy the scenery mindlessly. There is a foot bath overlooking the Pacific near the cape. While it was nice the humid day didn't allow me to enjoy it much. A cold foot bath would have been better. It's like the idea of visiting an onsen in summer. If I need a bath I would go but I don't want to be steamed to death.

IMG_8113_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

IMG_8115_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

It's a good thing I respect the aimless offering of money. I can't say how long the 50 and 100 yen coins would last in America. Too much temptation to pay for the next canned beverage.

IMG_8117_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

After a short walk you can see the rock that was just outside the footbath. This is somewhere by the lighthouse I think. There is no picture of the lighthouse close up because it blended in with the sky that day.

IMG_8120_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

I was more interested in the cliff than the lighthouse. I really like cliffs and rocky ledges.

IMG_8124_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

I suggested continuing our walk to the point seen in the picture below. My companions were skeptical to the feasibility. I had to reassure them it was much closer than it appeared.

IMG_8121_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

The diverse environments of Japan are interesting. I like coming out of the mountains to experience the shoreline vegetation and plants. But I always like returning to the ferns and thick jungle like forest in the mountains.

IMG_8124_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

IMG_8133_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

On the way back home we drove along the Shimanto river which is the only river not dammed in Japan. So it's naturally beautiful because of that.

IMG_8149_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

The submersible bridges are very popular and I have to say I they make for delightful pictures.

IMG_8150_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

Then the day turned sour when my friend hit her sister with a rock in the head. I just sat quietly in the car the rest of the time while I tried to hide from the somber mood. After eating some interesting nabeyaki ramen we walked their older sister's dog and then headed home. We were rewarded with a bit of treasure to save the day.

IMG_8157_6-15 Ashizurimisaki

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