Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ikegawa Never Stops Giving

Every once in a while you find little areas of houses that have long been abandoned. But in similar areas you find thriving little neighborhoods in the middle of nowhere as well. I'm always quite delighted to find the former. Anything open is fair game for exploration. I had fully intended to explore on this day. Nobody appeared to be around. After a short stroll amongst a few dilapidated houses and being sucked of my blood by bush mosquitoes I had suffered enough. It just wasn't in me to explore through junky yards and overgrown paths.

IMG_8179_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

I took this path to see if there were was anything else interesting along the way.

IMG_8180_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

I'm fascinated by the giant spiders and their webs around here. I don't usually find many opportunities to take worthwhile pictures of them though. This happened to have something good going for it.


A few more rotting homes were found. I dare not enter most of these. One time through a floor was enough to teach me a lesson.

IMG_8198_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

After backtracking along the rusty walk way once more I was startled. Just at the start of the path there was a snake coiled up against the rusty edge of the sheet metal. I'm sure it was venomous too. So far I've never stepped on a mamushi but I've been close at least twice.

IMG_8199_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

And really, it was too hot to be roaming around much longer. I wanted to go swimming.

IMG_8212_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

IMG_8225_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

It has only been this year that I started playing in the river a lot. I kind of regret not doing it more. Better late than never. I will always live by that.

IMG_8224_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

IMG_8213_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

There are hundreds of intimate moments that will never happen again. It's best to remember them for all they are worth.

IMG_8230_6-16 Ikegawa Wandering

Nobody will quite understand the way I love Kochi but I hope the pictures give them a start.


David Billa said...

I think I understand. I feel the same about the Setouchi area.
Sad to hear you're leaving.
Take care

blaine said...

I'm sad myself but there is still a lot to see in the world.

I'll be back for sure!

And anyway, I'm not quite on my way out just yet. Still have more than a month.

Matt said...

Hi Blaine,
After visiting Yasui Gorge i'm starting to get the picture of how you love Kochi. Just that area is so rich in nature i will be returning there for sure.

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