Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ajisai season is long past by now. But we can still enjoy them.

IMG_8076_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

I drove pretty far just to see this spot. I had passed it a few days prior when I visited Nagasawa Falls. I was kicking myself for not stopping at that time. I knew mom would appreciate this flock of hydrangea.

IMG_8078_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

I feel like hydrangea are fake.

IMG_8081_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

The blue and purple colors don't seem of nature. This synthetic quality makes me feel uncomfortable about them. I appreciated them much more this season though.

IMG_8082_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

I also thought about the little blue hydrangea in the garden at home.

IMG_8084_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

I hope it's doing well and will show its colors when it can.

IMG_8088_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

While the seasons seem to be here one moment and gone the next in this part of Japan, there is always just enough room to enjoy each one in succession.

IMG_8089_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

I had a pleasant time absorbing the hydrangea saturation for several weeks.

IMG_8090_6-12 Hydrangea Hunt

Then the humidity reminds us that summer has come and we want fall here too soon.


Japan-Australia said...

The Ajisai (hydrangea) are a great part of June and the rainy season in Japan. We visited the famous Hydrangea Road in Gifu, which I wrote about on my other site Japan Travel Advice.

Mom said...

Stunning pictures! Wishing I could be there again in person to experience the magnificent flowers. I was reading parts of this blog aloud to dad and I started crying AGAIN! :) Still can't explain why..... With a little coaxing, our little blue will hopefully blossom this year. Sure wish i could dry the flower perfectly. I tried last year with so-so results. I think little blue wants a brother or sister plant this fall.

Thunder Heart said...

Those pictures remind us so much of the trip to Japan last year. Mom cries when she reads the blog. She doesn't know why, I guess it just hits her in a very special way.

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