Thursday, March 3, 2011

As They Say, Only You...

I came across this little piece of art over the weekend when I was out attempting to hike. It was posted on some metal shack along the road up to the hiking trail. It caught my eye because the artwork made it look like it was rather old. I'm not sure what was posted on the same board the last time I went but that was October so I can't be bothered to really remember.

Seeing as my house is a little bare on the walls and any type of art is welcome (within reason) I got in thief mode and carefully extracted this poster. There were about 20 push pins holding it on an old piece of wood. As I started to remove the pins as quickly as possible I was wondering what it would look like if somebody happened to see me doing it. I nervously kept watching my back half expecting a car to come around the corner and catch me red handed. I hadn't seen another soul or car all afternoon so it was nonsense to be afraid. Maybe it was my guilt that somebody who was sincerely trying to alert the public to the dangers of forest fires was being short changed by my thievery. Then again why let a perfectly good poster go to waste in the rain and elements when it can rest upon my wall. I can enjoy it on a daily basis whereas the souls that traverse the road to the hiking trail won't take time to even appreciate it.

The title reads "Mountain forest fire prevention" and the caption says "Your carelessness will turn the lush forest into a sea of fire."

To me it just looks like a nuclear bomb went off or maybe it WAS the carelessness of one of those chain smoking inaka bumpkins. Lets hope that my removal of the poster doesn't contribute to a forest fire anytime soon.

山火事予防 - Mountain Fire Prevention

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Nancy said...

The Hardy Hoerr/Hare bunny? Watership Down? Peter Rabbit? What a hilarious poster! Sorry you had to resort to stealing to get it but oh well. :) Loving the almost one post a day thing. love you!

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