Friday, March 25, 2011

Built A Table

Aside from the trip to Kyushu this past weekend not much else that exciting is going on unless you consider cherry blossoms and teacher reassignments exciting. I'm sure some pictures will pop up from that trip sooner or later but the weather was gloomy and cloudy most of the time so it felt useless to take pictures. You can get enough gray from Japanese cities as it is.

Recently I have been working with the principal at my middle school to build a table. Pretty simple table but it was a good experience to build something with him.

The Table

Next week we are building a desk or chair. I think he enjoys working with me. He said the only thing we can't build is a house so I'm going to push him on that one. This should serve as a wonderful nightstand I think because I'm not going to be sitting on it anytime soon.

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