Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice Creaming

When I awoke from my slumber this morning and looked out the window I was delightfully greeted by thick puffy wisps of snow falling from the sky. There was a nice coating on all the trees and the hills. As the morning wore on the snow diminished and it was hardly falling by the time I arrived at school. I thought to take a picture but it would have looked like the one I posted several days ago. Also, to my expectations by noon time all the snow had melted anyway. It still remains a bit cold.

However this never stopped anyone from eating ice cream. Cold temperatures encourage me to eat ice cream all the more in some bizarre sort of way that I cannot explain properly. It's even better eating ice cream while in falling snow, under a nice lamp post. You have to eat a vanilla ice cream or you ruin the whole experience. It has something to do with the purity of it all. That is why I don't tend to be a fan of chocolate ice cream. While the chocolate flavor is still delicious it detracts from the satisfying and clean taste of vanilla. So for maximum satisfaction when eating ice cream I suggest vanilla over others. Yet, I'll eat chocolate ice cream if none other is available or it's some combination of brownies and fudge that enhance the nature of the chocolate aspect.

As most Friday nights go I purchased my individual size of vanilla ice cream. Usually I accompany the purchase with imitation Oreo cookies that I mash and mix into the vanilla. A poor man's blizzard one might say. Tonight I forwent the cookies and figured I would enjoy the pure form of vanilla on its own merits. Then as I sat eating my dumplings I remembered back to a time in my childhood where I had the experience of a very strange ice cream combination. It must have been when I was around the age of five or maybe six. It's impossible to know anymore. My family was on their way back from vacation and stopped at a Dairy Queen in some rather rural community. One of the better aspects of Illinois is that even in many of the rural areas it's possible to find a Dairy Queen to serve your blizzard and ice cream needs. I'm sure no one has ever thought about this much beside me though. To this day the blizzard I ordered has never been seen again with my eyes. I don't remember liking it much but my it was almost 18 years ago. Behold the resurrection of this combination from tonight.

A Nerdy Blend

Did you get it? It shouldn't take much to see what lurks inside the folds of the vanilla. If you still haven't figured it out. Click the photo to go to the photo page with a title that will reveal what it is. By the way, it was actually quite a great combination. Now you may question me because of my history with odd flavor, food, and sauce experiments. The thing is that when I say it's good people usually don't disagree once they try it. Why would I like something that tastes bad. Oh but it will always just be a matter of preference. Guess not everyone likes a bit of ketchup with their bananas from time to time.


Nancy said...

Given your passion for Nerds, I should have guessed but alas, I thought those irregular shapes were small Cheetos. That would be really gross so I'm glad it was something sweet.

blaine said...

I would never mix cheetos with ice cream. That sounds like an abomination waiting to happen.

Thanks for the comment. I always like to read them!

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