Monday, September 26, 2011


Working on streamlining my blog a bit more and cleaning it up. I'm too lazy to really figure out the CSS formatting for all the widgets and such. For the time being you won't even realize they are at the bottom of the page in a horrible mess. Just don't scroll down there unless you want to go back through history of the years. Speaking of history or something. This was probably the highlight of all the sports days. Is that sad?

Radio calisthenics (rajio taiso) is the preferred form of stretching for many people in Japan. The music choices range from a very typical song to more tasteful selection. Who would have thought that Huey Lewis would be playing in these valleys. I want to know who picked that. Must be a Back to the Future fan. They better be...

Nothing remarkable happened to mark the fall equinox. In fact I didn't even realize it had passed until I did some petty research for playing fall themed games with kids. Rather than actually find some games I clicked the history section of some website and saw that the equinox had come. In other words it's officially fall and it sure feels like it.

I enjoy posting when I have pictures to share and because I don't have any recently my posting has slowed down yet again. No worries, fall should be splendid.

I'm glad sports days are over with and done for another year. I'll post a few of those pictures to satiate your interest but I choose to let those events fade into the recesses of my memory. Not because they are bad though.

I had a pleasant time with Yuka and Mito on Saturday. Too bad we can't go back and be pioneers on the great plains. That life might have been too harsh anyway. Spending months inside during winter would be terrible. I could only handle so much knitting and quilt making before I want to die. Yes, I'm speaking of Little House on the Prairie. Yuka claimed I was very much like Laura's husband Almanzo or her father. I take that as a compliment. Plowing up some prairie grass seemed very appealing. The imagery of cutting through thick clods of grass with a steel blade relaxes me.

I've got camera lenses, cheesecake, and mountains on my mind.

Time to do something about all those.

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