Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Cinemagraph

Thanks for the comment mom. I appreciate it. I'll try to explain this a little more clearly for you.

Small animated pictures on the internet are called gifs. The file extension is .gif at the end of a file. Videos are made by shooting thousands of frames of individual pictures. Much like a flip book. Essentially a video file is then taken into a program like Photoshop and you can can cut the clip into a smaller file with fewer frames.

The way to make these is to cut a video down to about 13 frames. Then you start with the first frame that you want frozen. You make a copy of this to place over the 13 frames that will be the video. Then you paint or erase out the portion of the image you want to be displayed. Think of it like this, I have a screen of a video playing and I place the exact same image you are seeing over the top. I then cut certain parts out that show specific video but keep the rest still. That is how this works.


Stay tuned for more as I experiment more.

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