Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh No, A Week Gone By

What was supposed to be a 2 or 3 part series about last Monday has been delayed a whole week. I was a bit too lazy to sort through the RAW photos of everything last week. It was hot and humid and I was out of my mind. I hardly remember what I did all week. Today was a stark contrast to the past several days. It was clear and sunny with a bit of a coolness in the morning air. It warmed up considerably but not so much that it was uncomfortable. As I prepared dinner tonight I was struck with nostalgic feelings of cool autumn evenings as the sun slowly would head behind the trees. The smell and temperature reminded me of football practice and a number of other fall related things.


Tomorrow I should finish everything up and get it blasted all over my blog. Sounds like a massacre.

It will be worth coming back to check.


Mom said...

Ahhh....fall....Tanner's Orchard, Curtis Orchard, crisp Jonathan apples right off the tree, cutting those apples into bite-size chunks and dipping them in the best taffy ever, growing and harvesting bright orange pumpkins from the backyard, pumpkin bread and pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing, Indian corn, time for sweatshirts, brilliant reds and oranges and yellows......too bad fall doesn't last long! btw, how did you get the blue color in the pix?! love you!

blaine said...

That was some great imagery!

I love every season in its own way.

As for those blues... I was wondering the same thing myself... haha.

Thanks for the comment. Love you too!

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