Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The First Plunders of Fall

And who really knows, it could be the last. The weekend made me fear that most fall colors were coming to an end. Today as I set out, in hopes of any glimpse, I prepared myself not to be too disappointed for having gone out too late in the season. As I found my way into the valley I began talking to myself hoping for the best. It's very hard to gauge the color change due to geographic factors. So by looking at the higher locations with random color dropped throughout, there is no telling what it might look like down in a valley.

Luckily for me I was probably a little too early to enjoy the zenith of the fall colors at this valley. This means I can go back and see even more splendid color. I should take this opportunity to also hit some other spots before everything falls into happy shades of brown and rust. While it isn't the wide swaths of color one might see in deciduous forests back home, it's still a wonderful mingling of greens, reds, oranges, yellows, and neutral earth tones.

I Seem to Have Missed the Canvas

As green is my favorite color, the added bonus of contrast is quite satisfying.


Splendid Blend

This was just as intense as the picture looks. Yeahhh.

Sugi and Maple Love

Divine color. Like, literally.

Devine Color

I wasn't able to get really any close ups of trees in color. They weren't ready yet or were too far away. I'll go back and make the maples wish they never were photographed by me.

Oh let's not forget this little beauty.


I love fall.

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