Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Slow Cloudy Days

I haven't been out much lately as the weather hasn't been great on the days I could go. So in the meantime I continue to play games, read, and do whatever passes the time in the best possible way.

I finally got around to making tortillas after thinking about it for months. I needed more flour and less lard but they were very hot off the fry pan. I made some delicious tacos with these. The meat seasoning stands for some improvement however.

Otherwise things have been rather quiet in these parts. I'm really looking forward to winter vacation more than anything.

I also started reading The World According to Monsanto. This is a pretty fascinating book about all the shady and underhanded things Monsanto has done. It makes me quite frustrated and angry with large corporations and the government. I even get grand illusions of becoming a lawyer or becoming a politician so we could fight to change the terrible flaws causing harm to countless individuals. I remember back when I was young and dad would talk about Roundup Ready soybeans and using Roundup around the house. We took Monsanto's word for the safety and effectiveness of their products. But time has slowly begun to show us how far companies will go to make profits and obscure the truth.

I think I will read up on Agent Orange after this. In 2004 the spokeswoman for Monsanto went as far as to say that there were no links between Vietnam veterans sickness' and exposure to Agent Orange. People said they would barbeque and bathe in the used 55 gallon drums of that stuff. Monsanto just like many other American businesses that are full of criminals who stand behind a company wall in order to get away with stealing, killing, and destroying.

This has all left me feeling rather bitter.

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Mostly Broken would be a good title for a book.

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