Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Remnants of Fall

Several times today I thought it was Sunday but then reminded myself it was only Wednesday. I wasn't going to let the cloudy weather force me to stay inside though. After consuming a stack of pancakes I jumped into the car yet again to chase down some remaining fall color. It continues to surprise me how varied the progress of the leaves can be depending on the place. I would say it was a successful day. My eyes consumed an abundant amount of reds, yellows, and oranges. If I were to stop for every beautiful tree I saw I might not get anywhere. Sometimes I just have to view and move along. This doesn't detract from the value of fall. I can always dig into my memory banks and replay what I have seen.

The colors were still pretty nice even up in the higher elevations. I was expecting most of the color to be gone. This lowered expectation helps me appreciate things more. But I would still appreciate it anyway so I'm just making ridiculous things up in my head. Along the way to one of my favorite spots I was able to capture some vibrant little maples clinging to rocky hillsides.

Ashitani Maple 1

I think I could look at maple trees everyday and never grow tired of their natural beauty. I like the changing of seasons so it's good that the colors only change once a year. I know southern California is a paradise almost everyday of the year but I don't think I would like having that kind of constant. The change of seasons and weather allows us to remember more fondly the moments of life.

Ashitani Maple 2

I love how the maples change from green to yellow, then to orange, then to red, and finally crinkling up into dull dark reds and browns. Every tree seems to have a biological clock of its own. Not dictated by any other tree around it. Some change fast and others do their own thing.

Ashitani Maple 3

Shortly after taking this I began to feel rain drops gently splattering on my head. I hadn't even considered the possibility of rain. I should have gone back to grab an umbrella but I thought I had taken it out of the car. I continued walking hoping the rain would not fall harder. While it didn't become worse, it was enough to get me damp. Just as I said the cloudy weather wouldn't stop me, no rain was going to make me turn back today.

Lower Ashitani Fall

I scrambled off the road and down through some grass plants taller than me. With every slight shock of their stalks water sprinkled down making me more wet. Plus, this was no time to be careless with my steps. I was a bit disappointed because the trees here had already decided to shed most of their leaves. I hardly felt like taking a picture of this fall again. It was about one month ago that I first shot it. Yet, because I was there and already wet I should take a picture. The only way to get than angle was to cross the stream which was far too wide to hop across. Off the shoes and socks went and I plunged my feet into the frigid mountain water. Staggering for a step on the slimy rock growth I made it across. Clutching my llama parka over my camera to protect it from rain, I snapped this shot and headed back to the dry interior of the car.

Out in Okawa

The Yoshinogawa river is very pretty. It has steep rock faces and giant boulders. The road along it had a nice mixture of color. With the rain, however, I didn't stop to take any pictures. I continued on toward Setogawa in hopes of catching something nice along the way. This was off a tiny bridge between the locations. Not the most interesting I thought. I needed to take anything I could get.

Roadside Maple

Up the road about 300 meters (like I even know how far that is) there were some nice maples hanging along the sides of the stream. The emerald and red join quite nicely I think. As long as I'm not shooting flowers any bit of color is welcome.

Maple Leaf Pot

According to the fall color report online, Setogawa had already gone past its peak time. I took my chances anyway and found some lingering maples that were abstinent to the report. The trees around the famous waterfall here were past their prime. I passed it up and went above the falls and found some pools of water choked with leaves.

Stranded but Still Wet

Another great example of the variety of maple color that I love so much.

Above Amagaeri

Just overhead and up the stream from the pools of leaves was this view. Shooting the tiny leaves of the maples can make for a chaotic and noisy looking photo. It's hard to frame them well. This might prove true for the next one as well.

Setogawa Mosey

By this time I had managed to carry my backpack on the front of my body while holding an umbrella protecting my camera and tripod. The makeshift rain protection worked well. If it had been raining harder I might have just gone home. I worked my way up the small path along the stream and continued shooting anything of worth or that was left.

Bright Delight

I don't think I will be complaining about any of the fall I have seen this year. I'll probably hear people say they wished they had seen more. At least I won't be one of them.

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