Sunday, November 13, 2011

Iya in Iya

That might be somewhat appropriate for a description of Saturday. Disagree-ability in Iya valley.

The only reason for that would be the fact that the place I wanted to go was semi closed off because they were rebuilding a bridge at the site. You see, the Iya valley is famous for several bridges made with vines (see picture below stolen from the internet somewhere). It's also notable for a number of cultural properties. It has a fair amount of history surrounding it because people escaped to the valley to seek refuge in old times. In any case every few years the bridges need replacing. The place I went to has one of the bridges under repair from the beginning of November so the entrance down to the bridges was closed off. However, most people were just walking down to look at one of the bridges anyway so I followed. The main reason it's closed off is because there are wires overhead transporting things and its supposedly dangerous. In reality it was probably for the best because there is a 500 yen fee to go down to the bridges anyway. So with it being "closed" nobody had to pay. I didn't take a single picture but I might go back another day in the future. All is not lost.


On the way back toward home in the afternoon I stopped at the main vine bridge location. The one I went to is named inner vine bridge valley whereas this is just vine bridge. It's clearly the most famous and that also means it's heavily crowded with tourists. It's 300 yen to park your car nearby but I found a closed restaurant to park at for free. Most wouldn't consider taking such a bold risk (/end sarcasm). I walked down to the bridge and took a gander. Just to walk across is 500 yen. I'm not easily enticed by such gimmicks. The bridge was full of people willing to pay the price. I had hoped for some nice fall colors but it had already hits its peak in this area. It was still nice to be out on a fairly nice autumn day. At times certain places felt like being back home.

Before I made it home I stopped in at Soeng's place for some splendid conversation and a nice little bit of dinner. She hangs around with Americans too much and is beginning to be influenced by our English. But I don't believe your Aussie English can die so easily!

I was just happy to get out and go somewhere for a change. Even if things weren't exactly as I had hoped for. As for the local festival today, let's just say I'm glad it's done. Received some little baby carrots and avoided being in awkward conversations with people. That is good enough to call it success.

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