Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Color of Fall - Rice

Every week I watch the rice fields carefully. I enjoy the planting, the growing, and the harvesting. My favorite time is the harvesting. The plants have turned splendid yellows while mingling with the remaining greens.

IMG_3335_10-1 Tanada

It makes the days feel all the warmer. While the temperatures haven't cooled enough to turn the leaves, the rice does it first. It's a good reminder of the coming months. But we shouldn't begin to think of winter just yet.

IMG_3324_10-1 Tanada

The stalks have drooped and the wind has furrowed lines.

IMG_3330_10-1 Tanada

It's hard work. Long ago the base of life. They keep growing it, year after year.

IMG_3340_10-1 Tanada

While I'm privy to watch the farmers fighting the yellow tide. I'm not sure its my right.


David @ Takamatsu said...

Funny, I've been doing the same thing lately.
However, your rice fields are much more amazing than mine (they're just small rice fields in my neighborhood).

Where are those exactly?

blaine said...

Greetings. Thanks for the comment!

I live in the middle of Kochi. Like really in the middle. It's very countryside here.

Here is a map of where they are:

Your blog is nice. I'm going to add it to my subscriptions. I'll give it a closer look soon.

David @ Takamatsu said...

I've never been to Kochi, but I've wanted to for a long time, you make me want to go even more. I love Kagawa, but its countryside is a bit too "urbanized" at times.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I've been following yours for a few months now. Love it.


blaine said...

You should definitely come over. Kochi probably suffers similar pitfalls at times but I think the interior of Shikoku tends to be much less spoiled obviously. The mountains by Ishizuchi are pretty nice.

I'm glad to have readers. I look forward to seeing what pops up from your side of the island.

If you are ever going through Kochi. Let me know!

David @ Takamatsu said...

I definitely intend to visit Kochi at some point, and I'll definitely contact you before.
Keep on posting in the meantime. :-)

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