Monday, October 1, 2012

Shall Fall Visit Us Soon

So restless. I have to do something. Into the car. I hit the end of a road. Here we walk. I sweat. I smell the warm bark. I hit the ridge.

IMG_3266_10-1 Tanada

I push a bit farther and the forest rumbles. The branches start cracking. My body freezes up. A wild pig is dashing away. Is my stick in hand any good? My blood felt great. Nothing but endless green hills. The miniscule hamlets here and there.

IMG_3286_10-1 Tanada

I wondered why that area looked strange passing by the first time. There was an old tree.

IMG_3290_10-1 Tanada

I've got a bad habit of finding shrines. Maybe they find me.

IMG_3309_10-1 Tanada

Why did the air smell of thick laundry soap?

IMG_3303_10-1 Tanada

Shrines are peaceful and full of nothing. The last reminders and safe havens for nature in a land of concrete.

IMG_3315_10-1 Tanada

The sun graced my skin and kissed my lips. Who would have thought? The rice also made me blind.

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