Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tea and Tosa Cows

I had grand visions of capturing the local tea fields in all their splendor. The skies were clear. The sun was intense. The workers were supposed to be out trimming and cleaning up plants. I think the only thing I really got out of it was all the sweat dripping on my camera. But the best thing was that I took one of those big round bamboo hats farmers wear in the field. On a bright sunny day that is a savior for reviewing pictures on the camera. I'll have to wear it more often but I sure feel silly.

IMG_3642_10-3 Yoriai

I like the aesthetic of tea fields. The round contours and sloping shapes are peaceful to look at.

IMG_3654_10-3 Yoriai

There are countless homes around these hills. Many are falling into disrepair. Others are hanging on. Some of the people might win the battle against the houses. I wanted to touch the tiller. I wanted to take it. But what good is that to me? I always wanted one.

IMG_3665_10-3 Yoriai

I want to hop on one of these tea carts and ride up the hills. They are everywhere and taunt me all the time. It's never going to happen though. I can't say I hate being taunted by them however. I realized I was tired of walking so I decided to head up the mountain road to check if my cow friends were hanging out. In the spring I discovered a mountain top grazing area. It's interesting because of how it's laid out. Little roads running between fence areas with trees and tiny hills. I like it up there.

IMG_3668_10-3 Yoriai

That is the northern view. Can't you see why I like it? Of course. I was blessed with seeing flat grazing areas my entire life. Seeing a pasture up this high fills me with some sense of wonder. If only I could find a legitimate field or meadow for playing in.

IMG_3681_10-3 Yoriai

And not very far back a tiny road runs toward the cow pastures. On the first drive by I didn't notice any cows. But on the way back my friends were chopping grass like champs. How perfect.

IMG_3693_10-3 Yoriai

These cows are peaceful and kind. If you enter the pen they will get scared though. They don't take to strangers very well. Last time the farmer let me into the pen after he fed them pounds of tomatoes. It was fun watching them. But they were a little afraid to get near me. It might have been because of the calves.


Take it easy bud. Take it easy.

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