Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Feels Like Mine

The only regret that comes to mind are all the places waiting to be found that I won't ever make it to.

IMG_6795_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I've done my best.

IMG_6850_4-17 Tosa Rambling

No reason to feel any regret.

IMG_6852_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I can't count how many times everything felt old and stale. I can't count how many times it became renewed.

IMG_6854_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I have said I seek paths but maybe it isn't so. They always are looking for me.

IMG_6857_4-17 Tosa Rambling

Just me and the kami standing in this alcove. My car has taken me far and wide. I will truly be sad when I have to let it go.

 IMG_6875_4-17 Tosa Rambling

Who will carry on where I leave off? Who will nurture what so many others simply left?

IMG_6888_4-17 Tosa Rambling

My sentiments ooze like the slippery algae. How much more of it can you stand before you fall off?

IMG_6894_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I don't care about legacies or who carries on my history. Yet, those who wish to take part I will most definitely oblige.

IMG_6896_4-17 Tosa Rambling

Not even the graves are spared from garish plastic vases. So much for sanctity. The future worries me.

 IMG_6903_4-17 Tosa Rambling

Leave nature to decorate. It's so much better that way.

IMG_6906_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I don't know who is going to understand me and what I feel.

IMG_6912_4-17 Tosa Rambling

I'll be fine as long as life continues to be nothing more than real.

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