Monday, April 15, 2013

Owning It All For Nothing

The blood in my head is pushes for the outer edge of my cranium as I go around all the turns. It makes my skull pound for a second and then it equalizes. Everything is fine once again. I'm glad to escape.

IMG_6614_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6624_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6632_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

Why are so many people ambivalent? Look how it was once dormant and dead but now it slowly creeps back to thrive in the warm sun. I feel sad sometimes that my enthusiasm sinks into the trees and leaves. The happy laughter echoes of the rocks but nobody hears the timbre.
 IMG_6637_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6652_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

I sprawled out on the smooth sun bathed rocks and shut my eyes. The water slowed my heart down a few beats more than expected. What really goes beyond this blissful simplicity?

IMG_6664_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6656_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

I think I might know. Just maybe.

IMG_6674_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6676_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

Then again I could be wrong. Some are waiting or hoping to catch something that has already passed.

IMG_6687_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6698_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

So many aimless endeavors. Who am I say my aims are more worthy or noble?

IMG_6706_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

If you climb yourself into a valley, you always have to climb your way out.

IMG_6707_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6711_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

Each day races past. There is time well spent. There is a future where you will languish thinking about what you didn't let pass.

IMG_6726_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6732_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

There is far too much the human heart cannot withstand or understand. We let our insides grow darker and darker.

IMG_6743_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6752_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

All things in life fill me with sorrow.

IMG_6770_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

IMG_6771_4-15 Omogo and Beyond

No matter the position of my heart, I can't do anything but look up and wait for tomorrow.

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