Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Take a breath, I'm finally at rest

When restlessness and anxiety shake you dead, be glad that it's only in your head. Once you catch your breath you will still be alive. See the blue sky?

IMG_6514_4-9 Myojin

But how can you calm your thoughts with simple air? It's so thin up here.

IMG_6533_4-9 Myojin

The paths roll over the hills with no end in sight.

IMG_6543_4-9 Myojin

I almost forgot how to unhinge my mind because I rusted shut.

IMG_6546_4-9 Myojin

Everything still feels so thin. Cold hallow gusts through my weathered skin.

IMG_6550_4-9 Myojin

My soul hears static.

IMG_6536_4-9 Myojin

The isolation mounts. The hole grows. Winter stabs again with blowing snow. Spring neither withholds.

IMG_6584_4-9 Myojin

But you know I'm still breathing.

IMG_6565_4-9 Myojin

I have been this whole time.

IMG_6574_4-9 Myojin

My mind temporarily died but still survives.

IMG_6580_4-9 Myojin

Because in a breath there is no thought that ever crosses the mind.


Matt said...

Stunning photos and stimulating text, Blaine. Nice one! Keep up the good work.

blaine said...

Oh thanks. I love to get a comment. That makes me very happy.

Now get back out there and show me another hike!

Matt said...

i wonder if i can actually meet you before you leave Japan? i'd like to :-)
i've been trying to track down where you are exactly. Somewhere obscure in the mountains of Kochi it seems?

blaine said...

Of course you can meet me. It would be fun.

Send me an email and we'll get something going.

blaineharv (at) gmail dot com

I'll even tell you where I live... well maybe... ;D

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