Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Parts for Digestion

You should skip to the last entry for Friday because I have put into three parts for easier reading. If you are like Travis who somehow jumped the gun and read my first post while I was writing the second, then you obviously won't read the first one. Such logic is astounding sometimes. But please jump down to the last post from today and work your way up.

I had the day off yesterday because I'm helping with a marathon next month on a Sunday. Therefore, they give me another day off in exchange. I'm not sure why they didn't give me Friday off. I guess they didn't want me to enjoy a three day weekend. Shame on them.

I spent the morning exploring the HTML code of my blog and tweaking things. I don't feel good using a template that everyone else uses so I have taken the liberty to modify this template so it has more of my own taste. I'm still messing with it so it will probably change but generally I like a very minimal look. Clean and uncluttered.

I went to the gasoline stand (gas station) and asked them to fill my bike tires with air because I accidentally let all the air out the other week when I was trying to pump them up. Little did I know that I had a broken pump that was worthless. Big thanks to the attendant who filled my tires. You deserve a reward like a handshake. My choco pies are for myself. Not you. Sorry. Even though I got air put in my tires they are still a little poochy and soft. Combined with the fact it has no gears, this makes for an intense and difficult bike ride if you intend to go up hills. The other day I had the bright idea to ride my bike up to the waterfall I know about. When I rode in a car up this direction I didn't notice the incline so much. It's all up hill, albeit slightly. It's still enough to make riding without gears an absolute nightmare. By the time I rode about 1km I was panting and sweating like an ox pulling a wagon of pioneers. My legs burned with every push and I wanted to quit every inch.

I came to the realization that this will be my new workout. I will have to build endurance and strength just to make it 5km up this road. I'm down for the challenge though. I have no other choice with this bike. I told some guy from the town office how far I rode with the bike yesterday (about 2.5km) and he was like, "With that thing!?" I haven't been very active so it feels good to ride up the road. I should probably wait till tomorrow and give my legs a rest but I just want to tame that road.

In other news for today. I get new tatami this afternoon in my room. I can't wait. Clean fresh tatami all for myself. So good so good.

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