Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Drive on the RIGHT Side

So today we took a few more trips to some of the elementary schools I will be teaching at. Basically nobody is around so I only met a handful of people. However, after we visited the last school in the morning my supervisor let me drive the van back to the board of education.

First time driving on what Japanese people would call the right, correct side of the road. Which really means the left side of the road. But most people are right handed in the world so countries who think the left is correct must have had some left handed bureaucrats in power that just wanted to be idiots to the rest of us. Thanks to them.

Driving was just fine on the opposite side. I mean it's a tad strange but mostly nothing different. What gets complicated is the 3 way intersection in my town that has no stop signs and many white lines. I have to be careful I make the right decision there or else bad things might happen. Nobody wants to hit an obachan except maybe a disgruntled in law.

In other riveting news I met some random parents at the Ino City town office. I rode with one of the BOE workers to drop some papers off and then she was going to let me drive back for some practice. Parents were dropping their young kids off for a computer class or something. We exchanged some words and then they told me to make a Japanese girlfriend. So much for Japanese people being indirect...

I was watching tv last night and found out Kochi consumes the 3rd most alcohol in Japan. Thats probably what makes the women so liberated here. But it might just be the humidity messing with their hair and heads.

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