Friday, August 6, 2010

Sucking up Bugs #2

My supervisor had me come early yesterday (around 7:40am) so we could go to Ino for a meeting with the new ALT and other random things. For instance, we were paraded into a teachers meeting and we did self introductions. It was fun but maybe I was a little too whimsical about it with a bunch of teachers listening. Oh well they probably forgot my name five seconds after we went out the door anyway.

The other new ALT is quite the character. I highly approve but it isn't like anyone was asking me. I look forward to interesting conversations and fun times. We only met yesterday but seems game for adventure. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

The rest of the time in Ino was aimlessly wandering through hot Japanese schools that I will more than likely never come back to unless there is something special going on. It's a lie to say aimlessly as we were guided.

*This section edited* Ask if you want the full story here. I don't want to make myself sound anymore strange than SOME people apparently perceive me to be. YOU know who you are.

I did laundry and cleaned the house last night. Swept cobwebs up. Reminded me of you mom cleaning the house and getting the webs in the corners.

Best part... I found a Britney Spears VHS circa 1998. Aren't you envious?

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Nancy said...

i forgot to teach you how to tell if meat is still good even if kept in the frig. if you want advice, please email me! glad to hear you are into cleaning! miss you!

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