Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soba'n It Up

Today seems to have gone by rather fast. Most of the morning was spent trying to translate a point card for the grocery store. From what I read if I get 100 marks or stamps on the card it is equal to 500 yen. I can get a stamp for every 100 yen a spend. But I'm way too lazy to do that simple math to find out how much I spend to get that free 500 yen.

Tomorrow we have some meeting in Ino for the two new people in this area. One being myself and the other some girl from Virginia. It will be a good way to kill sometime during the day. I wonder what they will tell us though. Scare us about Japanese laws and stuff like that. At JET orientation in Tokyo they reminded us MANY MANY times that you can't have drink a single drop of alcohol and drive in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if this happens again. I do look forward to this as it helps break up the monotonous days at the BOE. But I've been reviewing Japanese grammar so I could waste the whole day there. What I should be doing is working on my intro lesson that I will do when school starts. School doesn't start till September 1st or something so procrastinating is just way too easy right now.

For the past two nights at dinner I made cabbage salads. I used fresh tomatoes (big ones and cherry) and small green peppers. I found a dressing in the fridge that Lachlan left behind. Smelled good so I used it. Come to find out after the fact it was anchovies and garlic flavor. Hmm well it was pretty tasty. I chopped all the veggies and threw them together in a big bowl and munched away. Cabbage forever reminds me of my breakfasts in Neyagawa where I was served giant pieces of uncut cabbage underneath a fried egg. Some mornings giant leaves of cabbage were too much to stomach. I really do like cabbage, just not in the way those crazy old folks gave it to me.

Tonight I figured since I had been sitting around most of the afternoon due to my half day Wednesdays that I would make something new. Natsumi recommended a website for recipes and I did some browsing for an easy dish to make. I settled on soba because frankly I'm still motivating myself to get creative in the kitchen. I have had soba (Japanese wheat noodles) several times but the recipe I selected was different from what I have seen before. The recipe called for a lot of mushrooms. I only got one type because I'm cheap but it was more than enough. I also threw in some green onion and wakame (seaweed). Basically you cook the soba and then separate it and dip it in a separate sauce. Anyway what I'm explaining isn't making much sense to me so you should just look at the picture.


It was good by my standards but I'm sure the Japanese people lurking about would call it strange...

The biggest question is when I will have instant noodles for the first time. I'm taking bets. Oh and just maybe this weekend I'll get those pictures of my home that everyone is probably dying to see. Don't you just hate me? ;D

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