Monday, August 16, 2010

Shio Saba

Last night I made macaroni and cheese because I have a cooking club I have to go to tomorrow. I have to teach the kids there how to make it. Well to make sure I knew what I was doing I gave it a go and whipped some mac n' cheese up. It turned out great and I think people will like it tomorrow.

Tonight I was going to make soba again but decided to try cooking with some fish. I have been holding off because I wasn't sure how I wanted to cook it. I have a little grill I could fire up with some charcoal but I'll save that for the weekend when I have more time. I came across a recipe that looked easy and good so I bought some salty mackerel, egg plant, mushrooms, and garlic. I peppered and salted the fish but I could do without the salt next time probably.

I melted some butter and olive oil in a frying pan. I made it really hot and then dropped the fish (skin side) in the pan. As soon as I did this I dropped fresh crushed garlic into the oil around the fish.


After several minutes I flipped the fish and threw in the vegetables. I had red peppers, egg plant, onion, and a variety of mushroom I don't know. I let these steam up and get hot while the fish was finishing cooking on the other side. I probably should use less egg plant but I enjoy eating it. It just doesn't cook so well with so many other veggies in there.


Essentially the finished product. This is a pretty easy meal to prepare and I saved one of the cuts of fish with some vegetables for tomorrow's lunch. If I had some rice it would make a great bento. Unfortunately I haven't made it into the city to buy a bag of rice because I don't want to do it at the local market.

Hopefully the macaroni comes out well tomorrow. I will be making soba tomorrow night for dinner. A very mushroomy soba methinks. Thinking or finding things to cook is an interesting challenge. At least I'm not eating instant noodles for every meal which could be very easy to do. That's only for when I'm really lazy.

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