Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Surreptitiously Approaches

I even managed to spell surreptitiously right on the first go without spell check correcting it. Thanks Mrs. Johnson.

When I don't take pictures of much I don't feel like writing. As you know I baked an entire Thanksgiving dinner 1 week ago. You probably already saw the pictures of that so I didn't feel the need to update. Plus, the bread and whatever else I've made lately you have already seen as well. So what am I left to write about?

The end of this month will be here before I know it. Many things going. Mid year recycling of every year ALT issues conference for several days. English days in Tosa. Slaving through a day of elementary Christmas lessons. It will be a good month.

In the meantime I believe my ski trip preparations are near completion. I managed to track down a nice pair of ski goggles for what I would consider a good price. Also came with a more translucent lens for skiing in darker conditions. I'm looking forward to night skiing. That will be perfect for it. The only thing really left is to arrange ski rental and lift tickets. I believe the rest, by and large, is taken care of. I'm rather happy with how my ski clothing has come together after much consideration. I'll no doubt be able to use it all again in the future. I think of it as an invest of sorts. Just because I have nothing better to be doing tonight. Why don't you take a look at my outfit?


Looks great.


Time to conquer some mountain space. By the way, that coat is really warm and cozy. So happy.

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Mom said... look fierce!! Conquer was a good word choice. All ready for skis, poles, and a snowy mountain! Goggles look perfect. Happy skiing! :) love you!

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